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CC Babcock

CC Babcock’s outfits by season


September 1995

CC - Season 3

S03E01 - The Pen Pal S03E02 - Franny And The Professor S03E03 - The Dope Diamond S03E04 - A Fine Family Feud S03E05 - Val’s Apartment Jacket also worn in S03E10 S03E06 - Shopaholic S03E07 - Oy Vey, You`re Gay Blouse also worn in S02E26 & S03E25 Also worn in S03E27 S03E08 - The Party`s Over S03E09 - The Two Mrs. Sheffields S03E10 - Having His Baby Jacket also worn in S03E05 S03E11 - The Unkindest Cut S03E12 - The Kibbutz Jacket also worn in S03E17/22 S03E13 - An Offer She Can`t Refuse S03E15 - Fashion Show Jacket also worn in S02E18/22 & S03E26 S03E16 - Where`s Fran?


1 minute

September 1994

CC - Season 2

S02E01 - Fran Lite Blouse also worn in S01E03/09/13 & S02E03 S02E02 - The Playwright Vest and jacket also worn in S01E02, whole outfit in S01E14 S02E03 - Everybody Needs A Bubby Sometimes Also worn in S02E26 Blouse also worn in S01E03/09/13 & S02E01 S02E04 - Material Fran Also worn in S02E15 S02E05 - Curse Of The Grandmas Jacket in S02E13 S02E06 - The Nanny-Napper Coat also worn in S01E05/06 Vest also worn in S01E10/19 & S02E13, blouse in S02E10 S02E07 - A Star Is Unborn Also worn in S01E19 & S02E14 Also worn in S01E17 & S02E08 Jacket also worn in S02E09 S02E08 - Pishke Business Also worn in S01E17 & S02E07 Also worn in S02E09 S02E09 - Stock Tip Also worn in S02E08 Jacket also worn in S02E07 S02E10 - Whine Cellar Chain belt also worn in S02E12 Blouse also worn in S02E06 S02E11 - When You Pish Upon A Star S02E12 - Take Back Your Mink Chain belt also worn in S02E10, Blouse in S01E22 & S02E19 Jacket also worn in S01E21 Coat also worn by Fran in S02E12 S02E13 - The Strike Vest also worn in S01E10/19 & S02E06, Jacket in S02E05 S02E14 - I’ve Got A Secret Coat also worn in S01E05/06 & S02E06 S02E15 - Kindervelt Days Also worn in S02E17/24 Also worn in S02E04 S02E16 - Canasta Master S02E17 - The Will Also worn in S02E15/24 S02E18 - The Nanny Behind The Man Also worn in S02E22 & S03E15/26 S02E19 - A Fine Friendship Blouse also worn in S01E22 & S02E12 S02E20 - Lamb Chop’s On The Menu Coat also worn in S02E22 S02E21 - Close Shave Also worn in S02E23(?


2 minutes

November 1993

CC - Season 1

S01E01 - The Pilot Scarf also worn in S01E05 S01E02 - Smoke Gets In Your Lies Vest and jacket also worn in S02E02 S01E03 - My Fair Nanny Blouse also worn in S01E09/13 & S02E01/03, outfit in S01E13 Also worn in S01E10 S01E04 - The Nuchslep Also worn in S01E11 S01E05 - Here Comes The Brood Coat also worn in S01E06/16 & S02E06/14 Scarf also worn in S01E01 S01E06 - The Butler, The Husband, The Wife, And Her Mother Coat also worn in S01E05/16 & S02E06/14 S01E07 - Imaginary Friend S01E08 - The Christmas Show S01E09 - Personal Business Blouse also worn in S01E03/13 & S02E01/03 S01E10 - The Nanny-in-Law Also worn in S01E03 Vest also worn in S01E19 & S02E06/13 S01E11 - A Plot For Nanny Also worn in S01E04 S01E12 - The Show Must Go On S01E13 - Maggie The Model Blouse also worn in S01E03/09 & S02E01/03, outfit in S01E03 S01E14 - The Family Plumbing Vest and jacket also worn in S01E02, whole outfit in S02E02 S01E15 - Deep Throat Also worn in S01E22 S01E16 - Schlepped Away Coat also worn in S01E05/06 & S02E06 Also worn in S01E18 Also worn by Sylvia in S01E01 S01E17 - Stop The Wedding, I Want To Get Off Also worn in S02E07/08 Also worn in S01E20 S01E18 - Sunday In The Park With Fran Also worn in S01E16 S01E19 - The Gym Teacher Vest also worn in S01E10 & S02E06/13 Also worn in S02E07/14 S01E20 - Ode To Barba Joan Also worn in S01E17 Also worn by Fran in this ep S01E21 - Frannie`s Choice Jacket also worn in S02E12 S01E22 - I Don`t Remember Mama Blouse also worn in S02E12/19 Also worn in S01E15


2 minutes